Saturday, 31 March 2018

What happened next

I thought it was time for a final update. The year over we sat down christmas eve and disscussed our options and thoughts going forward. I was happy to carry on as i was so involved now that i couldnt see any other way, it was at this point that my husband produced the key(not an ordinary key but a magnetic key) with a bit of fumbling and trial and errorthe butt plug and belt were removed and the sensations i can tell you. This changed things and i needed time to think. He cut the wrist and ankle chains so i could move around but the cuffs stayed on. We agreed to talk again boxing day and for the first time in ages i slept in bed. My husband treated me like a princess christmas day and boxing day we went for a long walk and i was wearing trousers!! For about a week i had very little control of my bottom which was embarrassing but it sorted itself out.
Boxing day came and went with very little disscussion. I still didnt know what i wanted and he didnt say anything. It wasnt until new years day when i approached the subject and we spent all afternoon going through the past year. I could go into all the details but it makes more sense to cut to the chase which was that we would give it a few weeks and then revert to playing and see where it went.
I have felt lost without the bondage but the freedom to explore our new village is blissful.
Long term i think the draw of slavery to my beloved husband will see me back in chains, the tatoos remain as do the cuffs and collar. I have considered removing some piercings but i like them to much.
I dont intend to update again it was a fabulous year dispite the ups and downs. Thanks to everyone who followed and best of luck with your own kinks

Friday, 1 December 2017

Modified butt plug

Master had a half day yesterday and came home to find me doing my chores still with this butt plug half installed! He asked me what was wrong and I told him how torn I was and then he told me to take it out clean it and he would make it so good I wouldn't be able to resist it. I carried on with my chores and at teatime he brought it back in. Gone was the leashing point, now instead was a chain strong but light, about 10feet long and a stainless ball on the end of it. The ball weighs 4.5kg. It looks stunning! Then he showed me the inside of the plug, it has a small weight (only a few grams) which will move as I walk causing stimulation and during vigorous exercise an orgasm?
Well I couldn't believe the craftsmanship it was geneous. I took it from master and looked at it, he left me in the kitchen and went back outside. I popped it in my bum trying to pluck up the courage. I stood just keeping my weight off it trying to decide when I heard master coming back. I paniced and sat down hard. Yes it is done I have a tail the weight catches on everything and anything more than gentle movements is beautiful torture. Needless to say master was shocked and was a little concerned until I cheered him up using my mouth!!!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Courage needed

So following on from masters comments. Last night we had some amazing sex I came so hard I was exhausted. I'd had one of other plugs in my bottom all day and he took me easily, after he'd done he got the permanent plug popped it in and then left it there. I asked him why and he said that this had to be my doing and choice. Now up to there I was prepared and ready for it, but I just could'nt press it home to lock it. All night it stayed there I took it out for my morning toilet visit and put it back in. So here I am I can't find the courage to lock it but I dont want to quit and I definatly can't leave the locking tube sticking out my arse for ever more. After everything I have done this year to my body why is this so hard?

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sparkles comment

Hi sparkle I forgot in my last post to mention that after your comment the plug was modified to enable a substantial leash or padlock to go on the end. This does mean however that when in place sitting on a hard surface will be very difficult to bear.

Love the idea

Building work and dungeon play

After the last post master spent two days converting the cellar into a dungeon. Once completed he took me down there chained me up and i have been down there everyday 8am to 8pm while building work is done. Some days just chained and "free" to do as i please, some days in bondage and fully restricted. Anyway its all done and looks stunning. Last night we had a party and had some friends over including the still belted dom who is very horny and as the drink flowed I took her down to the dungeon. Anyway long and short of it I was soon chained up and after a few strokes with the cane shouting. She locked a ball gag in place and then carried on. After a while she left and returned with my master who chuckled and was just about to release me when she spotted the butt plug, multiple questions later shes goeding me to lock it in. I didn't but it was close. She text me this morning saying that its got to be done. I forwarded it to master who just said easy enough, one last orgasm before it goes in? So it might be done tonight!!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New house, lots of potential

I know I have been quiet lately, I can reveal now that we have moved to an exquisit farmhouse in Norfolk. It has loads of potential to play and Master and I are already indulging in it. There is a huge oak beam in the kitchen and master loves to see me chained from it! The house sits in 6 acres with the road nearly 500 yards away and surrounded by a thick hedge I nolonger have to wear clothes when I go outside. Master has made the walk in wardrobe lockable and takes the key with him! Also the previous owner (masters Auntie) had a dog so now he can chain me on the patio with just the dog kennel for shelter. Master has big plans for the cellar which was once a secure wine store so he thinks he can turn it into a play room/dungeon. At the moment its damp and got mice so I try not to go down there.
Finally before I go back to window cleaning I'm still thinking about the butt plug!!*

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

To plug or not to plug?

For as long as my husband/master and I have been together we have played with butt plugs, I have no problem these days having a large plug in my rear for days, did 2 weeks recently and once I am into the routine of the enemas its no trouble.
Rewind a couple of weeks and a conversation between master and I about bondage and my belief that there was no bondage that could be added to the now substantial restrictive collection locked permanently on my body that I couldn't handle. Masters reaction was at once obvious and started questioning areas of bondage that he felt I wouldn't cope with, these included hearing, speach and my breasts. After a bit of discussion I had in my opinion won my argument and went to my cage to sleep, next morning no more was said and I thought no more of it untill this morning.
Master came in from the garage with a butt plug looking similar to the ones that open and lock. I looked at it and said to him that I could manage that no problem and he asked but for how long? Strange question but after afew minutes the penny dropped and I realised what he has made, its a one time locking butt plug, it goes in locks into place and you can't get it out. So now my dilema, if I put it in, my only way of sexal pleasure is gone and he's on my most excellent BJ's for ever more. That said it's one hell of a sexy idea and really tempting. I could pop it in lock it and my fate is sealed quite solidly.
Master says he's sure I won't do it but has left it so I am reminded that he is always right. Oh to pluck up the courage to prove him wrong.